用户协议 / Terms of Use

感谢您使用 IELTScreams App,在订阅前,请阅读以下条款:

  1. App使用订阅制,每个订阅周期结束时,将自动续期。
  2. 我们提供 3 种收费方式:每月 $4.99,每 3 个月 $9.99, 每 12 个月 $19.99, 均为自动订阅。
  3. 如果需要取消订阅,您可以在当前订阅周期结束前至少24小时取消自动续期。
  4. 当前订阅周期的费用,我们无法为您办理退款,请务必在付款时考虑清楚。

Thank you for using our App. Before subscribing, please read the following terms:

  1. The App uses a subscription system, and will automatically renew at the end of each subscription cycle.
  2. We offer 3 types of fees: $4.99 per month, $9.99 every 3-month and $19.99 every 12-month both of which are automatic subscriptions.
  3. If you need to cancel your subscription, you can cancel the auto-renewal at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription cycle.
  4. We are unable to issue refunds for the current subscription cycle, so please be sure to consider this when you make your payment.

隐私政策 / Privacy Policy

IELTScreams App 会需要您使用Apple的授权登录,我们会获取到您的唯一标识。这个标识仅用于 App 内的功能,不会发送给其他第三方的服务,也不会用于用户身份的跟踪等。


IELTScreams will require you to use Apple’s authorization login, and we will obtain your unique identifier. This identifier is only used for functions within the App and will not be sent to any other third-party services, nor will it be used for tracking user identity, etc.

We provide an account deletion feature. If you choose to delete your account, we will also delete your personal information as well as the content information you have generated.

帮助与支持 / Contact Us

如果您对我们的使用条款、隐私政策或App使用有任何疑问或建议,请随时通过 与我们联系。

If you have any questions or suggestions about our Privacy Policy, do not hesitate to contact us at

@Xiaofeng Last Update :24/08/2023